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Virtual Transition Day



                     St Mark's Academy welcomes

                                  Year 6  to our

                              Virtual Transition Day

                         Dear Year 6 students, parents and carers,
We are so excited to have you on this, our Virtual Transition Day!

At St Mark's, our spirit of community and our values of Love, Hope and Trust are essential to the year 7 experience being a happy and successful one. Our aim has been to provide students and parents with constant support to ensure that the process continues to be as fluid and as smooth as possible.


Each year, in the summer term, all primary Year 6 students who are starting secondary school in September would have an opportunity to visit their new school and engage in a day of induction activities, assemblies, tours and taster lessons. Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19, this physical induction day is not possible. But we know how important this is and so our Virtual Transition Day today will go some way to help our incoming students and their families experience the exciting and enjoyable learning activities and important information they would normally gain on a conventional transition day.

So Year 6s, on this page:

  • You will register and have an opportunity to post any questions etc that you may have throughout the day or after today.
  • You will join a virtual tour of our academy.
  • You will receive a welcome from our Principal.
  • You will meet members of our inclusion team and learn about our Thinking and Learning Centre.
  • You will experience and take part in a range of interesting taster lessons and engaging presentations from subjects that you will be learning at St Mark’s. This is a really important part of the day as your learning and progress is really important to us. Please note that there is no pressure to complete all of the lessons today. You can watch and work on them over the coming days and weeks. It will be helpful if you have an exercise book or notebook and basic stationary (pen, pencil, ruler etc) to complete the activities. Please do work on the lessons as you will have an opportunity to share them in September with your subject teachers.
  • You will read and hear some testimonials from some of our current students and their experiences of learning at St Mark’s.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

                                           Register and Starter

                    It's time for registration. Please click Here to fill out the questions


                            Welcome Assembly (in two parts)


                                                                Part 1



                                                            Part 2



                                                 Virtual Tour

                             Please click here to take a tour around St Mark's Academy

                                     Welcome from the Principal




                     Meet the Inclusion and Student Support Team



                                  Thinking and Learning Centre




                                      Subject Taster Lessons

                                       English Taster Lesson



                                        Maths Taster Lesson



                                    Science Taster Lesson



                   Modern Foreign Languages Taster Lesson



                                      Music Taster Lesson



                                          ICT Taster Lesson



                                       History Taster Lesson



                                  Geography Taster Lesson






                           Religious Education Taster Lesson 



                                           PE  Taster Lesson 



                                         Art Taster Lesson      



                                      Wood Taster Lesson



                                     Textiles Taster Lesson



                                           Food Taster Lesson




                                           Student Testimonials





                                 Our Transition Top Tips for you!


              Song for Students to learn before they begin year 7:

In your Music Taster Lesson, you would have heard the amazing song ‘It’s My First Day’ co-written by Ms Fitz Gerald, Head of Creative Arts at St Mark’s and Gareth Malone OBE (choirmaster, presenter and broadcaster). We would like you all to learn this as we would like your year group to sing and perform this song together from September. Here is the MP3 audio version of the song for you. So go ahead? Sing, listen away and learn!





                    Final Thoughts, Questions and Evaluation

Thank you for spending your day with us. Please let us know how you enjoyed the day by filling out the short evaluations below  

Student Survey- here

Parents/Carers Survey- here

Year 6, if you haven’t accessed them already, remember we have a wide range of fun interactive student transition activities that have been uploaded to our special transition webpages from the beginning of June. Please do visit them and complete them- you will enjoy them! It will give us really useful information about how you learn and how best we can support you when you arrive in September:

Useful links for students

There is also some useful information for you and your parents. Please visit at:

Useful link for parents


               We look forward to seeing you again soon