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Student Transition Activities to Complete

Year 6s, there are a number of fun, fully-interactive activities that we have created for you to complete as part of your transition journey to St Mark’s Academy. You will enjoy them.
When you complete them, we want to congratulate you and reward you with a Transition Certificate when you arrive to us in September.

Instructions on how to complete:

1. Click on any of the icons below.

2. The activity will then open in Microsoft PowerPoint.

3. It will either open immediately as a slide show presentation, or you can click on ‘Slide Show’ in the task bar and then ‘From the Beginning’.

4. Once the slide show presentation begins, click on the sound icon (which will be on the cartoon male or female teacher) and this will narrate the instructions. You can read them on the screen too.

5. Once you have listened and read, click on the moving survey icon which will take you to a form online for you to write your answers.

6.When you have finished your answers, click the Submit button. We then receive your answers and will read everything you write.


It’s as easy as that!


So what are you waiting for?

On Your St Mark’s… Get Set… Go!


                                           Introduction - Welcome

                            Activity 1 - Thinking about Secondary School

 Activity 2 - Top Tips for Students

                                              Activity 3 - About Me

Activity 4 - Dear Learning Coach 
Activity 5 - Greatest Teacher for Me
Activity 6- My Strengths, Areas for Improvement and Hopes

 Activity 7- Words of Worth
                                         Activity 8- I Learn Best When

  Activity 9 - Routines

                                      Activity 10- Getting Organised 

                           Activity 11- Things I am Looking Forward to

                          Activity 12- Primary School Memory Page 

                                 Activity 13- Parent/Guardian Survey 

                                   Activity 14- Coping With Change 

Activity 15 - Timeline Journey From Year 6 - Year 7 

Conclusion - Thank You for taking part