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Strong relationships between home and school are vital to the success of young people. Parents/carers of students at St. Mark’s receive six reports each year – one per half term. These show students’ progress in their subjects and the efforts that they are making to succeed. One of these is a lengthier report which forms the student’s annual report.

There is a full programme of parents’ evenings, giving a chance for parents and carers to meet all the teachers of their son or daughter. There are also many other ways that parents and carers can be involved, including parent forms, surgeries, information evenings… and more. Parents and carers have joined us in our planning time as we see them as key partners in taking the Academy forward.

All parent and carers are welcome to join us at Parent Forum meeting at the Academy.  This forum provides an opportunity for parents/carers to develop new ways to engage more families, as well as developing events and activities with parents in mind. We look forward to developing this group and everyone is welcome.


Translations for explanations and information about Covid - 19:

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