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Modern Foreign Languages

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Intent: Our ambition and curriculum principles

The intent of the MFL department is to help develop skills in all our students which enables them to use French and or Spanish to a high standard in their future career and lives. We are passionate about opening students’ horizons and preparing them for higher education and the world of work through a positive experience of learning foreign languages. We seek to ensure that all our students acquire the educational and cultural capital to which all children are entitled.

It is our intent to ensure that our curriculum is challenging and inspiring for all students so as to push them academically and we aim to ensure that teaching and learning is rooted in the science of learning. The MFL team promotes a love of language learning and strive for pupils to make outstanding progress at all levels. Finally, we recognise the importance of languages and therefore aim to provide our pupils with maximum opportunities in lessons, on trips or extra-curricular activities to encourage them to develop courage, resilience and self-discipline in the use of the target language and to turn pupils into real linguists.

Implementation: Design, Pedagogy and Assessment

We support curriculum planning with resources that emphasise transparent explanations and abundant practice building in frequent feedback to maximise confidence and success in language learning. Knowledge, through carefully selected topics, is delivered and accumulated in a logical, cumulative progression. Key vocabulary and frequently recurring grammatical points are identified within each curriculum and built upon.  Retrieval practice and interleaving is encouraged through progress quizzes, low stakes quizzes and knowledge organisers. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to revisit content. A big emphasis is given on differentiation in every lesson through the use of Knowledge Organisers. All the lesson activities and more challenging concepts are broken down, scaffolded and modelled.

Planning in years 7 and 8 is in line with the review of MFL Pedagogy and NCELP (National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy). In years 9,10,11 we prepare students for current GCSE content and examinations, which builds on the core grammar and vocabulary taught in the programmes of study for KS3.

Opportunities are also planned for within the curriculum for students to advance their cultural and social capital and develop as individuals on a spiritual and moral level. This is explicit to students. All pupils in year 7 have a French pen friend from our partner school in France: le collège Jas de Bouffan.  Every year, we aim at exchanging at least 3 letters where pupils introduce themselves, write about their hobbies and personal interests, describe their school day and their towns, share what they did or are planning to do in their next holidays. Our pupils love these opportunities and take a lot of pride in writing beautifully presented and detailed letters in the target language. They also really look forward to receiving letters and finding out more about the lives of their French peers.

IMPACT: Attainment, Progress and Knowledge

MFL assessment is ongoing throughout each module to inform future planning, lesson activities and differentiation. Summative assessment is completed at the end of each module when each MFL objective has been covered. The impact of our curriculum will be assessed each year using the different types of data available to us. This data will include exams results analysis, examiners reports, emerging research, QA, student voice and staff voice.

All pupils are taught all four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing and each of these skill areas are practised, consolidated, reinforced and assessed on a regular basis. There is a positive and innovative approach to target language teaching and we encourage our pupils to use the language for their own purposes.

Students who study at A Level need to be either fluent in writing and speaking or at least hold a Grade 6 in the language at GCSE. Advanced levels courses provide students with the options of following a pathway which will enable them to forge a career using languages.

We offer the following courses at Key Stage 5 in MFL:

  • A Level French (Edexcel Specification)
  • A Level Spanish

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Mrs A. Glymidou Head of MFL & Careers Lead
Miss L. Hart Dyke Teacher of MFL & Y7 Progress Leader
Mr E. Koubis PGCE Teacher of MFL