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The Mathematics Department at St Marks CofE Academy forms a key part of the core curriculum offer.  Students will continue to develop the mathematics and numeracy that they have learnt at primary school during key stage 3 in Year 7 and 8.  Students will be assessed during each half term. 

We now operate a 3 year GCSE, with Year 9 been given to the preparation for the new expanded Curriculum. All students will sit GCSE mathematics during key stage 4.  Some students will also be given the opportunity to sit GCSE statistics as an extra GCSE that will support their progress in Maths. 

We also run an expanding A level programme and offer AS and A2 to our sixth form students at the Academy.  This is a well sort after qualification that helps in higher education and the work place.

The aim of GCSE mathematics is to improve students’ numerical skills to enable them to progress to further studies in mathematics or other related subjects. It also prepares students who go directly into employment to have a functional level of mathematical skills. The course has been designed to encourage students to: 

  • Develop a positive and confident attitude towards mathematics. 
  • Consolidate basic mathematical skills. 
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to solve problems.  

Maths is an essential core of most careers and is considered essential to being successful in most.  It is particularly important for careers in the Science, Technology and Engineering, Finance, Economics and the Social Sciences. 

GCSE Mathematics Assessment Overview:

All exams will be sat at the end of the course, with students completing one non-calculator and two calculator papers. Each paper will be 1.5 hours long. Grade 9-1 will replace the familiar A*-G grading. There is a much greater emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning and students will have to memorise formulae as fewer will be given in their exam.

Useful Websites for Maths Revision & Practice


The Maths department run important intervention groups at Key stage 3 to close the attainment gap. There is also an AGT group (all years) who complete extension work and prepare for the UK maths challenge, a national initiative that allows students to gain recognition for their abilities.  We also run clubs for Origami and Chess.


Maths GCSE
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