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By studying the past we can see into the future. At St. Mark’s we look at what has happened to people and see how they have reacted. If we know this and if human nature is a constant then perhaps we can predict what will happen if similar actions take place in our daily lives. We also focus on analysis, seeing how the small is meaningful to the whole. Source analysis is a focus and how we can trust different interpretations of the past.

The history curriculum is changing at St. Marks. There will be much more focus on British history in the new examinations and the curriculum will adapt to this. This will enable us to focus much more on the world immediately around us and allow us to more readily teach pupils about what is directly relevant to them. We are lucky in that we live so close to so many historic sites in London and have the opportunity to reference or visit places that pupils can relate to.

History GCSE is with the AQA examination board.