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Enrichment at St Marks encompasses all those extra-curricular activities which extend and enrich the knowledge and experiences of our students. This includes exploratory, discovery and experiential learning we offer students outside the normal school time.

St. Marks Academy provides wide range of enrichment activities aimed at giving our students rich learning opportunities that enable them to develop knowledge and skills, through creative and experiential activities. Our enrichment offerings are diverse in nature (academic, sporting and recreational) and are usually teacher-led. Enrichment sessions are held in the morning (before lessons start) and after school.  Students in years 7-10 are required to sign up and undertake at least two enrichment activities per week whereas those in year 11 do after school enrichment sessions (academic) aimed at accelerating their attainment in GCSE courses. Please check the link below for detail information of our autumn term enrichment offering.


See below for current extra-curricular timetable