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The aim of the Enterprise Department is to promote learning by enabling students to develop diverse knowledge, skills and understanding in preparation for a rapidly changing digital and technological world.

Students are encouraged to be creative, independent thinkers, acquiring the skills needed to solve complex problems, demonstrate creativity and secure high levels of attainment.  Through the use of carefully selected courses, excellent ICT facilities and dedicated staff students are given boundless opportunities to excel.  We are proud to be able to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, enabling progression and greater opportunities for further study and development.

At Key Stage 3, students follow the ICT computing curriculum, which comprises programming, exploring the use of current technology in society, animation and game creation. Computers are now instrumental to our society and for this reason we consider it an essential requirement that students develop a high degree of ‘digital literacy’ to be able to understand and interact with others through the use of technology.

At Key Stage 4 the combination and choice of subjects and qualifications on offer will have a significant impact on students’ choices at Key Stage 5 and beyond.  For this reason, we offer a range of qualifications to provide students with the breadth and challenge to suit their learning needs and career aspirations.  The transition into Key Stage 4 is a very important signpost along the educational journey and requires careful thought and reflection. 

We offer the following courses at Key Stage 4:

BTEC Business Studies

BTEC Tech Award Enterprise

BTEC  Technical Award in Digital Information Technology

Finally we offer BTEC Level 3  courses at Key Stage 5 in the Enterprise  Department and these courses provide students with the options of following a career in IT and Business Administration.  If a student has a particular pathway they should talk to the staff about this and how best we can support them with this. 


Curriculum KS5 

  • BTEC Business Studies
  • BTEC in Information Technology

“We get help with our work and proofreading before we print out the final version”

Benedicta and Archana Former Students

“We are given the opportunity to work together as part of a team as well as individually”

Bailey Former 6th Form Student


Through our IT courses students can follow a number of career pathways including web designing, business administration, marketing, human resources, product design, hospitality, and interior design.‚Äč   Through our Business courses students can follow a number of career pathways including translation, banking and investment, marketing, human resources, law and teaching.


Mr Moses Techie-Mensah

Teacher of Enterprise, Quality Nominee for BTEC
Lazarina Kuchkova Teacher of Enterprise