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Enrichment Days

Our enrichment days are a real highlight of the Academic year for our students and staff alike.  They give our students opportunity to work on a range of important life skills and experience a range of opportunities.  These include; Trips, University Readiness, Cultural Events, Sports, Team building, Competition and Curriculum development.

This Year these are scheduled to take place:

  • October 9th 2018

  • 27th November 2018

  • 23rd Jan 2019

  • 21st March 2019

  • 22nd May 2019

  • 8th July 2019

EAL Trip - Imperial War Museum

"On Friday 20th January, the EAL department took almost 20 students to the imperial war museum to learn about historical wars such as World War 1 and World War 2. The museum was filled with lots of information and to help use get the most out of the trip we were given a booklet. Within this booklet there were questions on different exhibitions and the first team to answer the most questions would get a prize. The competition help us to get the most out of our trip and we got to see many guns, planes and even two tanks that were used in different wars. The first tank that we saw was the M4 Sherman which was made by the USA between 1942 to 1945 and was used by Poland, England, USA, France and the USSR. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the EAL staff were very helpful. We really enjoyed the trip."
Imperial War Museum - Ms Ahmad

Students University and Academic workshops

During the morning Year 8 students demonstrated high level thinking skills and problem solving skills as they engaged in rich problem solving activities such as ‘equate’. Students were also giving the opportunity to reflect about their goals and aspirations and skills required for university.
During the afternoon session Year 8 Students engaged in a ‘hot topic’ debate, passionately arguing their views on whether homework should be banned from schools. 
-Student University & Academic Workshops - Ms Gbolonyo

Taming the Shrew

"The workshop was really interesting and it was important to talk about the difficulties women faced"
-Taming of the shrew workshops - Blessing, Year 7 

Kingston University

"Great chance to see a university - I had never visited one properly before"
-Kingston university - Dylan, Year 8 

Religious Studies, Tour of London

"I learnt a lot about different religions and their places of worship and had fun on the tour"
-Rebecca, Year 9​

Professional Workshop

"It was an amazing opportunity to meet with some genuinely successful people and understand the many options available to us"
-Professional workshops - Deborah, Year 10

Around London (PP Trip)

"Really great trip, was very enjoyable getting to see central London for real"
-Pupil Premium trip - Mohammed, Year 10  

Science Workshop

"I'm so glad we got a chance to catch up - I feel far more confident about science now."
-Science workshop - Saif, Year 11 ​​

London Zoo

“The students had a vital chance to experience the wonders of science in a different environment”
- London Zoo - Mr Menghis 
“It was a great trip – the enrichments day have been a lot of fun so far”
- London Zoo - Harley, Year 8

Christmas Carol Performance

“It was a great opportunity for the students to see the play brought to life”
- Christmas Carol performance - Ms Khan 
“I had never thought of the play like that – it was amazing”
- Christmas Carol performance - Stephan, ​Year 7

Science Museum

“They had a brilliant day – the museum was incredibly interactive”
- Science Museum - Ms Grey 
“I really like Science so it was really cool”
- Science museum - Emmanuel, Year 7 

PE Tournament

“It was amazing to see so many kids who don’t usually get the chance to be passionate about PE giving their all in the tournaments”
- PE Tournament - Mr Sanderson 
“I never thought I actually liked PE, but it was actually a lot of fun”
- PE Tournament - Holly, Year 10

Humanities dropdown sessions

“A vital chance to have some dedicated time to work on coursework – something that will pay dividends on results day”
– Humanities drop down - Mr Bryan 
“I’m glad we were given the chance to spend some concentrated time on something so imperative to our studies”
- Brayan – year 11 – humanities drop down

Imperial War Museum

“It was an excellent chance for the students to understand the horrors of the wars in a different, more accessible way”
Mr Sheppard – Imperial War Museum​

Trip to Lille, France

​"On Wednesday 7th December we took 45 student to Lille in France to the famous Christmas market.  This was a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in French culture and have the opportunity to speak French in an authentic environment.  Students loved the occasion to shop, take photos and eat the local food, although some students overdid it with the local chocolates I think!  The conduct of all students and the atmosphere were both wonderful and students felt that this was a really worthwhile experience.  Thank you to Mr Mateus, Mrs Van Zyl and Ms Falavigna for supporting the trip on the day."
- Trip to Lille, France - Mr Scrimshaw

PE Tournament

“It was really fun getting to compete against the other children and to show off my football skills.”
- Year 7 PE tournament – Emmanuel

“I love playing sport so it was very enjoyable – I wish we had more on.”
​-Year 8 PE tournament – El’lisa 
“It worked really well and the students were very enthusiastic. We had organised it weeks in advance which really helped when preparing for the day” 
Year 7 PE tournament – Mr Sanderson
“It was very smooth and it was great to see so many students playing competitive sport, even those who usually shy away from it.”
Year 8 PE tournament – Mr Grant

​MFL Carousel

“It was fun to make the cakes and to learn about all the different countries.
-MFL Carousel – Chanae
“I think it was a very useful experience for those children who haven’t been fortunate enough to visit those different countries; giving them a flavour for why travel can be such an enriching experience.”
MFL Carousel – Mr Scrimshaw 

Spelling Bee

“I thought it was a really funny show…it was very competitive but I think that was a good thing. It was funny to see how competitive people were.”
-Spelling Bee – Stephan
“The students and staff were brilliant and the children were clearly enthused throughout which was great to see, not to mention, the Macbeth Banquet, Poetry Slam, History trip, Art Trip, Science Trip, Science Drop Down – ISA/Controlled Assessment, Sixth Form trip.
-Spelling Bee – Ms Elgar

Other Enrichment Activities

“I really like the play so it was interesting to use the different senses to understand such an important scene in the play. It was very different to how I had imagined it.”
Macbeth Banquet - Daniel
“I can’t believe I won, I didn’t expect it. I thought the host they used was really funny and kept everyone’s energy up.”
Poetry Slam – Devonte
“It was really interesting seeing parts of London I had only heard about before. It was good to get out of the classroom and see it in front of me.”
History trip – Angelo
“It was a fantastic experience, although seeing that type of art is always a little intimidating.”
Art Trip – Benedicta
“I thought the exhibition they had on was pretty cool. It was useful to see some of the topics we have done  in Year 9 displayed.”
Science Trip – Clevaughn
“It was really important to get a concentrated amount of time to work on something which is going to be so important.”
Science Drop Down – ISA/Controlled Assessment – Imad
“It was a lot of fun going to see the university and to imagine what it will be like when we finally go – it’s definitely given me more motivation.”
Sixth Form trip – Nora