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EAL Department


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The EAL Department at St Mark’s consists in 2 full time specialist teachers and 2 teaching assistants.

The overall percentage of bilingual students is 54% in our school. However, the students that we intervene with are newly arrived students in the UK. (Less than two years in the country). The main languages spoken at St Mark’s are: Somali, Polish, Portuguese, French, Urdu & Tamil.

EAL learners come to the Academy at various stages of language acquisition.

The EAL Department identifies learners by their English proficiency at the time of their admission. When a new EAL pupil is interviewed a home language survey is conducted, a diagnostic test of English proficiency is then conducted.  Based on this, the need for support is then assessed.

Students in need of support receive in-class support and additional English lessons every week in the EAL Department until they reach level 4 when they return to mainstream lessons.

We run groups at different abilities in English : Beginners, Starters (NC Level 1&2) &Intermediate (NC level 3). Additionally, EAL Advanced Learners (more than 2 years in the country) can chose to do an EAL option at the end of which they sit an IGCSE exam in English as a Second Language.

Bilingual students are also prepared and entered for the Home Language GCSE exams in collaboration with the MFL Department.

Beginners with no previous education receive some 1 to 1 lessons with a member of the EAL team in addition to the lessons in the Beginners group.

For these learners, the EAL rooms offer a safe base, with familiar adults at the beginning of each school day, at break time, lunch time and after school.

Below is a video of two St Mark's students and their journey before getting to St Mark's in the UK:


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What we learn.

Beginner English topics:

  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year/seasons
  • Parts of the body
  • Singular/plural nouns-irregular plurals
  • Colours
  • Animals
  • My day
  • Myself
  • My school  
  • Countries and capitals/flags. 

Courses Qualification
Entry levels for early learners at KS4 ESOL
English as a Second Language IGCSE


Ms Carmen Campeanu   Director of Alternative Education
Ms Nina Ahmed Head of EAL
Ms Sofiya Jimale  HSTA
Ms Albertina Magalhaes EAL Teaching Assistant