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Welcome to
St Mark's Academy

A message from the head

St Mark's Academy is an all inclusive Church of England Academy built on the foundations of Love, Hope and Trust.

  • Ms Fahey - Principal

    Teaching and learning at St Mark’s is outstanding. Teachers know each and every learner’s strengths and areas of development. Such knowledge is used in lessons to ensure that every student can progress. Our UCAS programme at KS5 is supporting students to apply for top universities like Warwick, Oxford and Cambridge. Whether a student is a talented leader, gifted writer or avid sportsperson, St mark’s will nurture that God-given talent and make sure it is celebrated.

  • Filipe

    Year 10 pupil

    Hi I’m Filipe and I am in year 10. My favourite subjects are Art and Drama. They are very entertaining as art provides me with a lot of challenges and drama helps me with my confidence. St Mark's do really well to provide good help.

  • Ms Taylor

    Assistant SENDCO

    I love teaching at St Mark’s. Our learners are hardworking and want to achieve their best. The relationship between pupils and teachers are built on our values of love, hope and trust and these values permeate throughout the Academy.

  • Kiri

    Year 10 pupil

    When I first came to this school, I was really nervous and scared, I didn't know what was going on around me. After weeks and weeks, I started to know my class, made lots of friend and before I knew it I was in year 8! When you have fun you don’t realise how fast time goes.

  • Anisha

    Year 13

    I came to St Mark's in year 7 and I made life long friends very quickly, it has become my second home. The school has helped me to progress and fulfil my academic potential in my GCSEs and continues to help me grow.

  • Oluchukwu

    Year 13 student

    St Mark's has given me the platform I have needed to progress both academically and personally. The teachers work tirelessly in order to ensure you get the best grades, my GCSE's results are testament to that.

  • CJ

    Year 9 Student

    When I first started at St Mark's, they enabled me to go to summer school which allowed me to make friends who were in my class and had similar interests. I was nervous on my first day but I quickly learnt that the school was not as scary as it looks.

  • Zia

    Year 11

    I enjoy the enrichment days at St Mark's because it’s fun to get a day off, doing fun activities and going on school trips. I love how everyone is a big family here at St Mark's.

  • Lisa

    Year 9 pupil

    I enjoy all subjects, mostly PE, Geography, Science and French. In Year 8, we have had a lot of trips including separate ones for Russell Group Universities.

  • Dylan

    Year 11 Student

    My favourite subject at St Mark's Academy is drama because it’s a great lesson plus I have fun doing it. I love how the teachers and the student’s work together as one.

  • Micayla

    Year 10 Student

    I’m a Year 10 student at St Mark’s. I love music and play the piano, ukulele, drums and guitar. I am very sporty and I am always getting good feedback from Teachers.

    My funniest memory of when I joined St Mark’s was trying to learn and remember everyone’s names as I kept getting them wrong! St Mark’s is a welcoming environment to be in and I soon settled in.

  • Mya

    Year 11 Student

    I really love drama and music, they are my two favourite subjects at St Mark’s. The best thing about St Mark’s for me is the atmosphere. You really see the values (love, hope and trust) reflect on all students and staff.

  • Skye

    Year 10 Student

    I’m in Year10 at St Mark’s, I love to play dodgeball but also love to do drama. When I joined St Mark’s I was so excited but once I got here I was a little nervous to meet new people. Everyone was so friendly and I felt happy really quicky, I am so glad this is my school.

  • Stanley

    Year 11 Student

    I enjoy playing football and athletics. My favourite subjects in school are PE, Science and geography. In my opinion, the best thing about St Mark’s is the teachers that make you feel welcome. They treat you as though you’re a friend, not just another student.

  • SSAT Leading Edge
  • Enhanced VBE
  • CFBT
  • Southwark Diocese
  • Show my homework
  • CPD Gold Award
  • stonewall bronze