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Tamoor -Prefect

My name is Tamoor. I’m in year 13 and I have been with St Marks ever since year 7. My 6-year journey so far has been both challenging and special. Challenging in the sense that, I have had my highs and lows in both academia and my wellbeing. However, St Marks has always been there through my ups and downs, as support through student-teacher relationships is second to none. I am currently a prefect, a role in which I take part in the decision making throughout the academy. It’s an opportunity which both helped me develop my skills in public speaking and confidence, while in return, providing my mentoring skills to the student leadership team and pupils. St Marks is the foundation in which I first arrived at where I was subjected to the secondary life of stress, humour and confusion and it’s the place in which I will leave with knowledge, personality development and a career for the future.