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Savannah - Head Girl


After being a prefect in Year 12, I have now been elected as head girl for our school. Having attended St Marks Academy from Year 7 until now, my final year in Sixth Form, I have been able to see the journey that St Marks has been on. I am proud to say that I have been a part of this journey as we have grown together. Each year, the school has gone from strength to strength to the point we are at now with record breaking grades, amazing teaching and a true sense of community throughout the school. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and have a deep passion for science. During my time at St Marks, my teachers help me to achieve my full potential – along with the rest of my peers - as shown by our summer 2017 results. I was nervous about the change between GCSE and A-levels, however, the support given by the school meant that the transition was enjoyable! I am also head cadet of the Volunteer Police Cadets of Merton borough which I have been a member of for two years. We volunteer at events such as the London Marathon and the Diamond Jubilee and our Merton East unit consists mostly of students from the academy. In the future I aspire to have a career in medicine and am thankful for all of the support shown not only by my teachers but by other members of staff and the senior leadership team that have assisted me during this process. I believe St Marks have and will continue to provide me with the tools to reach my full potential.