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Quality of Education

Learning is our core purpose. At St Mark’s we structure learning to excite our students’ curiosity and to inspire them to become successful, lifelong independent learners.

Our teachers are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects, spending considerable time planning interesting and interactive lessons and communicating their passion for their subjects to the students. We are fortunate to have a high quality learning environment with the latest technologies to enhance the curriculum.

Our vibrant learning and resource centre, outstanding assembly hall and extensive sport facilities support and enhance learning too along with our varied enrichment programme. Opportunities to nurture independent learning skills are provided through our many different learning platforms. Our modern facilities help to provide greater variety in teaching methods and therefore make learning more engaging and interactive. We aim to foster a genuine love and excitement about learning in every child at St Mark’s.

Students receive high quality career guidance in the form of one to one interviews, assemblies, coaching time activities and work related learning. This helps all students to be clear on their ambitions and to fulfil their full potential in their next steps and beyond.

We believe that every student, with a willingness to work hard and overcome any challenges can and will achieve great things and aspire to greatness. Our dedicated teachers motivate students to aim high and encourage every student to exceed their own expectations. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and maximises the opportunities for a successful transition into higher or further education, training and employment