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What Our Students and Staff Say

PC Marco

Safer School's Police Officer

When I joined the academy 3 years ago I welcomed the challenge to bring the balance of positive engagement and perception of policing to the next generation, what I didn’t realise at the time is how much I was due to learn. I was so impressed how the school values of Love, Hope and Trust are evident everyday between staff and students and how welcomed and supported I was in my role to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.  I work with a phenomenal team of safeguarding, student support professionals as well as the teaching staff to supporting  the students.

As St Marks Safer schools police officer my main priority is maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all the students and staff. I work alongside the safeguarding and support staff identifying any issues where a young person requires support or focus towards their education. This is achieved through the workshops, assemblies. As a serving police officer I am also a link for the school and the local community supporting students in and outside the academy. My goal as a police offer is to educate and guide our students as they grow through society, teaching them its rules and the Law to prepare them for the future. I also conduct after school enrichment running a boxing academy and a volunteer police cadet unit so that our students receive this guidance during and after school.

St Marks is not only continuing to improve with ever academic year that passes, but in addition its extra-curricular programs in my view are second to none, with additional opportunities offered to students such as sporting and the Volunteer police cadet program of which the academy has now 70 of (some of which since joining the program are now award winning students) it has helped students excel in and out of the academy and I have first-hand witnessed amazing and positive transformations, from shy to confident, uncertain to determined and at times challenged to successful. The safeguarding training that students and staff receive continues to maintain the high standard of awareness security and reassurance that young persons living in today’s society require whilst maintaining that they continue to develop positively and academically. As the St Marks Cadet Motto goes “it’s not where your from, but where you are going that counts”.