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Oluchukwu- Senior Prefect

Being at St Mark’s for the past 6 years, the school has taught me the utmost importance of hard work, determination and diligence which have permeated through our values of love, hope and trust. As one of the senior prefects I am able to convey the thoughts of the student Body regarding ways to achieve our common vision- to make St Marks the best academy possible. 

I aspire to become a doctor in the future in order to make the lives of others better in any possible way that I can and I believe that this profession is the perfect way for me to be able to use my knowledge to benefit people. Moreover, I think as a career it would be constantly changing due to new discoveries, treatments as well as interesting and intellectually challenging therefore I couldn't think of a more valuable, fulfilling or personally meaningful career for me. As a result, my A-Level subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. This is a difficult set of subjects, however, I believe that the sheer passion and determination I have for my career will be quintessential in ensuring I get the grades required to study medicine at the University of my Choice.