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Moiz - Prefect

The seven year journey I embarked on in 2012 is one I will never forget. I attribute the person I am today to this fine learning institution. St Mark’s Academy is the ideal place for young people of all backgrounds to strive and prosper in the field that they are passionate about. As a prefect, I act as a bridge between the students, who are attentive, and the teachers, who are eager to guide them. I work with members of SLT and my fellow prefects to ensure that all the talent present in the school has a comfortable environment to flourish within. I study Chemistry, Biology and Maths, all passions of mine. I am predicted to go to a Russell Group and pursue my interest in medicine, I highly credit this school in being an advocate of this goal of mine. Being a representative of St Mark’s Academy is a responsibility that I am immensely proud of.