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Lemuel - Prefect

Throughout my school life, I have always been known as ‘shy’. I’ve never really tried anything out of my comfort zone, but due to the unwavering support of both teachers, as well as my fellow students, I started to believe in myself that I could undertake a leadership role of being a Senior Prefect and be a part of the Student Leadership Team. Being shy can sometimes be perceived as a weakness. However, the way I see it, someone like me who is relatively shy comes with a plethora of good qualities that are often overlooked such as commitment, creativity and empathy. I have had a time of my life here at St Mark's for the past 7 years, creating moments of glory and it has been a pleasure to be a prefect for the past four consecutive years. And as I transition to university in hope to go into the Architecture world, I can proudly say, with my head held high, that I’m proud to have come from St. Marks.