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KS5 Aspiration Programme

Over the past few years, there have been a range of opportunities on offer for Sixth Form students, primarily focused on University pathways. Medicine was a big focus, as several of our students have gone on to apply to study medicine at a tertiary level. Below are some of the events that we have been able to offer to our students.

Russel Group CG  2018

Last year we have put together CG students

For Russel Group students and names the CG with Uni Russell groups ,

I.E Southampton, Warwickshire


Oxbridge interviews 2018

Last year 1:1 interviews were arrange by Mr Foster for Oxbridge applicants


Social Mobility programme ( Aspiring professional Program) 2018

Offering students professional mentoring, visit to Southampton university

Support with personal statements


Oxbridge student – 1:1 interview support guidance and advice 2017 -2018

Ex Oxbridge student speaker -  invited into school to support Oxbridge student at school


Medical Seminars 2019

Medical seminar /workshop arranged for current year 12 students re advice on BMAR and CAT entry

And preparation


Medical Interview techniques and seminar 2019

This was arranged for current year 13 students at the Surrey University in Guildford


Oxbridge Trip 2017 – 2018

This trip was offered to selected year 12 students but sadly was cancelled by the Oxbridge college at the last minute


My Futures Program 2017 – 2018

A number of students  signed up to this who were offering support and applying to Oxbridge and

Assigned professional mentors to support with personal statement applications.