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What Our Students and Staff Say


Year 9 Student

I enjoy all subjects, mostly PE, geography, science and French. In Year 8, we have had a lot of trips including separate ones for ‘Russell Group Universities’.

As I came into St Mark’s I was the only one from my primary school, therefore, it was a fresh start and it was an opportunity to make new friends. I settled in with a bunch of girls, who are still my friends today. Also staff at the school were really welcoming and made us comfortable at the school.

At St Marks I love the enrichment days as each year group is allocated different activities to do throughout the day. It’s fun and interesting as we get to learn new things whilst enjoying ourselves for the whole time. My favourite has been the PE days as we stay active and engaged for the whole day

For the future, I wish to be a scientist but in more depth an astronomer. This is because space interests me and it’s an exciting job. I want to go to university to help me reach this career.