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Hamza - Deputy Head Boy

Coming into my last year at St Marks, it’s been an absolute privilege seeing the transformation this school has gone through. I have witnessed the positive change St Marks has successfully achieved and I couldn’t be more proud to have attended this academy for nearly 7 years. St Marks isn’t just an academy, it’s been a home to all those who have needed support when they couldn’t find it anywhere else. Thanks to the amazing teachers and staff at the academy, I’m proud to say I shall be going to university to study an undergraduate course in Social and Political Sciences, which wouldn’t have been achievable without the support and dedication that I have had from the staff here at St Marks. My current role at the academy is Deputy Head Boy and my main aim is to help the integration of 6th form and the younger years to help them be prepared for their future, whether college or 6th form or into the working world. Implementing a positive change in the academy is always something that has been innate for me; knowing that the role I have worked hard, for will allow me to display these values is just amazing in itself. Lastly but not least, go with love, hope and trust.