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St. Mark’s offers a broad and balanced curriculum from Year 7 to Year 13. However, like many schools today it specialises in some key areas.

St. Mark’s specialises in Science and the Performing Arts. This means we are committed to promoting and developing creativity across all areas of the Academy and have the resources, expertise, facilities and passion to enable students to excel in these areas. Through Performing Arts, students develop their creativity, self-expression and sense of social, cultural and personal identity. Students are given opportunities to build their self-confidence, leadership and communication skills.

As an Academy specialising in Science, we aim to create a challenging environment which enables students to analyse and problem solve. We recognise that Science subjects are increasingly important to young people in our rapidly changing and technological world.

Students are encouraged to get involved in a broad programme of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities within Science and the Performing Arts and be inspired to realise their potential. We aim to use both these areas of specialism within our Academy and in the local and wider community, and to share and disseminate best practice.